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Free Watch No Other Choice (2012) : HD Free Movie An undercover documentary film produced and directed by British filmmaker Dominic Brown, about the struggle of the indigenous Sahrawi people of Western Sahara. The documentary covers the current human rights and political situation of the Sahrawi. There are several interviews recorded with human rights victims including an elderly lady who had been attacked in her home the previous day by Moroccan security forces. There is also a focus given to the alleged vested interests of countries in the region, particularly France. The film states that the French Government's close relationship with Morocco, their trade deals and their use of veto over the terms of the UN mission in Western Sahara are major factors.

Release Date:Jan 01, 2012
Production Company:Dancing Turtle Films
Production Countries:United Kingdom
Plot Keywords:africa, undercover, morocco, sahara, desert, human rights, indigenous community

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